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Dreams and false alarms

Thursday, January 10, 2008

6:43PM - She'll make a grown man cry, a woman try...

Another new obsession of mine is Ghost Whisperer...it's kind of like Charmed, only not lol! Jennifer Love Hewitt is the star and I have to admit I rather love her! I'd LOVE to raid her wardrobe:

Current mood: enthralled

6:21PM - How does she know that you love her...?

   So I went to see Enchanted last night with my friend and it was AMAZING!! I sort of made a fool of myself in the cinema when I yelled 'OMG that's Amy Adams, she was in Charmed!!!' hehe. It was definately one of the best nights out I've had in a while and the best movie I've seen at the cinema forever. Go see it and I dare you not to leave the cinema dancing and singing the songs all the way home (as mysellf and Amy did!) 
  As I've said Amy Adams (of Junebug fame) plays Giselle the lead opposite Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy and gorgeous!). Amy's backgroud is really in musical theatre and that comes across she has a beautiful voice and is just totally cute in the part!! I'm so glad she's getting the recognition she deserves. Susan Sarandon plays the wicked queen and is awesome as always with some freakin cool eye make-up!! The musical numbers and fabulous, the costumes are beautiful and it's so funny! A must-see in my book, all the FTV students at Glasgow uni are obsessed, need I say more haha!

Here are some pictures of the lovely Amy:

I love her!!!

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Friday, January 4, 2008

1:27AM - Kathy is my God now...

So I hardly ever use my livejournal but I just felt compelled to make it known everywhere I possibly can that I FUCKING LOVE KATHY GRIFFIN!! I usually cultivate a new obsession whenever I have exams, it's a handy way to procrastionate studying! I have to thank two of my  friends, David and Naomi for getting me to watch part of her stand-up 'Everybody Can Suck It' and from then I've been totally hooked. I've never really been interested in comedians, mostly because I had never found anyone who reflects my own sense of humour...but Kathy totally does! It's not just the fact I find her hysterical, pee-your-pants-a-little funny  but I also love the serious points she get's across about homophobia, celebrity culture and the treatment of women in different societies. Did I also mention she's stunning? Okay so enough of my gushing, here are some of my favourite Kathy videos, enjoy! 

Warning: You may never be able to take Sharon Stone, Paula Abdul or Salma Hayek seriously again

"Suck it Jesus this award is my God now!!!"

"If the terrorists are gonna target the most important people possible...they're gonna go for the VH1 fashion awards...I gotta tell you I'd be lighting the fucking wick!"

"Macy Gray...what exactly is wrong with her?"

"I...work...my....ass....off...Jeff!! Jeff!!...Where's Jeff?"

(The Paula Abdul impersonation is my favourite thing EVER, I walk around my house doing that too now.)

"Until a six month old asks me how I'M doing then I'll change my tune"

"Quitting jobs is fun....until your homeless!!"

"Get the fuck outta here, take your Nads!"

"Here's what I want you to do, I want you to go out there and recite the lyrics to itysy-bitsy spider"

"I am so happy that fucking right-wing idiot conservative fucking homophobe went down! Yeah bye Mel!"

Oh and before anyone thinks they're being smart and points out there's something wrong with the way I've embedded the videos, I know!! I just can't be bothered fixing it right now since it's 2am so as Kathy would say, you'll just have to SUCK IT! haha!

Friday, September 21, 2007

11:13PM - Scarlett Fever

I love this girl, her figure is perfect, her face is beautiful and her style is unique. Here are my top 20 ourfits worn by Scar-Jo. Oh to raid her wardrobe!



At the Costume Insitute Gala. I love how she reworks old Hollywood with a modern twist, showing some leg. Ooh la la! 


Wearing Max Azria all young and fresh faced. 


Scarlett and a random tall person. I love her dressed down style, like a young SJP.


On set Chic and how cool is the parasol?!


What a cute brunette she made! This is total college student style. 


Back to the glamour at the Rita Hayworth Gala no less, how perfect?!


'Girl with the Pearl Earring' premier. She looks like a total Goddess here! 


Very vintage at the Match Point premier, I bet Woody Allen was in his element!


A recent one, at the Louis Vuitton Love party. If I were a designer she'd be my muse too. 


Mistress of seduction and I am digging those shoes!


So good I had to post two! At the premier of one of my favourite of her films 'In Good Company'.


I've been in love with this dress ever since I first saw her wearing it in a magazine. 


Stunning hair, stunning dress, stunning girl.


Next up, that Golden Globes dress. Can you say 21st century Marilyn? 


I'm not sure what it is about this look that I'm in love with.


I fucking LOVE this!!! At the Imatation of Christ fashion show, the fashion models can eat shit compared to Scar Jo! In my next life I want to be as hot as that! 


I'm kind of obsessed with this dress! What a wasp waist Scar Jo has, life is just not fair ha!


'A Love Song For Bobby' premier looking oh so 50's, which equals oh so lovely!


Gorgeous striking red dress at Cannes.... of course this picture is made even better by the rather appealing woman with her. ;)


To me, this is one of the coolest outfits anyone has ever worn, I remember seeing it in In Style a few years ago and then obsessively trying to find pieces like it to recreate her look. I never did. 

In summary Scar Jo is HOT and my style icon of this century. I first fell in love with her when I watched 'Lost in Translation', her character Charlotte is  queen of all the inrtospective sarcastic college girls who have no idea what we want to do with our lives out there.

I'll end with this, my favourite picture ever. I love the look she's giving Kelly. Oh man do I know plenty of 'Kellys'.